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What is the difference between yellow raisins and black raisins?


What is the difference between yellow raisins and black raisins ?

Raisins are a type of fruit that is a grape that has been dried in the sun in a natural way.

Can be used in some food and eat alone, and is also used in the preparation of sweets is very useful and contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the human body.

 Yellow raisins:


It is one of the many types of food characterized by its sweet taste and many benefits،

It is classified from fruit species that have been dried from grape seeds.

It is an important element contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals

It also contains fiber and a high percentage of sugars

So you prefer to eat in the right amounts and is a rich source of calories.

Benefits of yellow raisins:


It protects the body from the risk of multiple cancers.


Works to strengthen the eye and protect eyesight.


Helps fight bacteria and reduce the incidence of fever.


 Reduces the risk of visual disturbances, lack of clear vision, and opacity.


Reduces the multiplication of bacteria inside the mouth, reduces the occurrence of stomach problems and rheumatism.


 Reduces the occurrence of kidney and liver problems, as it activates the functioning of the liver

Avoiding lethargy, promotes the process of excretion of urine, contributes to the protection of

Liver fibrosis and diseases of the liver and gallbladder.


Benefits of yellow raisins for diet:


As for eating it in the event of a diet or diet, it works:


 It contains fiber that helps in the sensation of feeling full.


Improves the process of food regulation.


 Helps to increase the percentage of metabolism.


 Works to reduce blood pressure.


 It strengthens and strengthens the body, provides it with the necessary energy and eliminates digestive problems.


 Black raisins:

It is a Grape Black has many benefits and it contains nutrients essential to the body, is made by drying grapes in a special way most of the way.


 Benefits of black raisins that:


 Works to protect the body from anemia because it contains the element

Iron which helps in the formation of red blood cells .

And carry oxygen delivery to the cells of the body.



 It contains high amounts of antioxidants that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, repair cells in the body and boost the immune system.


Helps to promote and strengthen the health of teeth and gums due to the fact that it contains elements

Phytochemicals and acids that fight bacteria that trigger

Caries in the teeth.


Reduces the incidence of osteoporosis especially when you age

High in calcium and vitamin D, which strengthens bones

And joints.


 Promotes healthy weight gain due to its glucose content

And fructose, which are an ideal part of the diet and give the body



 It reduces blood pressure, as eating raisins lowers blood pressure

It contains a high content of potassium which dilates the vessels

This leads to reduced blood pressure.



 It is a natural laxative for the stomach, keeps the heart healthy and works to protect it from heart attacks, and reduces the incidence of atherosclerosis.


 It gives the body a feeling of relaxation and comfort and reduces the incidence of pertussis, chronic cough and respiratory diseases.

The method of eating black raisins is carried out through:


We report the amount of black raisins by a glass and then it is washed to get rid of dirt and dust, available to you.


We put the raisins in a bowl with the right amount of boiling water and leave soaked inside for about three hours.


 After that we put the mixture in a blender, mix well and then halve well.


 We take the filtered water, add it to a glass of boiling water and leave it

Until it cools.

Then we can download it twice a day once in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before going to sleep.

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