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Vanilla ice cream milkshake



Ice cream: 2 tablespoons (with vanilla flavor)

Milk: three quarters of a cup (liquid and full fat)

Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon

- whipping cream: quantity (to decorate)

How to prepare

It is preferable to use a blender to prepare this recipe to obtain the desired consistency and to ensure that all the ingredients are completely mixed with each other.

Pour a few ice cubes into the jug of the blender and leave it for a few minutes until the jug becomes cold and does not cause the ingredients to melt quickly.

Shake off the ice cubes in the jug.

Add ice cream to the jug and blend it for a few seconds until it loosens.

Add the amount of cold liquid milk over the ice cream, then the vanilla extract and re-blend for no more than two minutes at a high speed.

Pour the ready-made milkshake into serving cups and garnish with a little white whipping cream.

Sprinkle an amount of crumbled chocolate on the cream and serve.

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