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Information on Spanish chamomile tincture


Women's hair is one of the things that most care about it and its beauty, as it is the crown that adorns it, and from ancient times women appear interested in their hair with many recipes to preserve it, and different hair dyes have also appeared to decorate the hair and give it a beautiful and new look and luster, and this is why you find many women interested With new dyes that give beautiful touches to her and her hair and as a kind of renewal in her appearance.


Chamomile is one of the most common houseplants due to its ease of cultivation in homes, such as sage and mint, and it has many medicinal benefits as it has benefits on skin and hair.

Chamomile is used to protect the hair scalp from dandruff and infections, as it strengthens the follicles so that hair follicles grow in a healthy way without breaking or damage to the hair, and it also increases hair density and treatment of hair loss, and is used to polish hair to add a distinctive luster and shine to it and prepare a conditioner to soften the hair, all this In addition, it is one of the best hair dyes to lighten its color, away from other chemical hair dyes that can damage the hair.

Chamomile hair dye

Chamomile hair dye ingredients

Bring half a liter of water.

-Two spoons of chamomile with its flowers.

How to prepare chamomile hair dye

- Boil water on the fire.

Then we put chamomile in boiling water and leave it for two minutes to boil with water.

We leave this mixture on the water for fifteen minutes, and then we filter the water.

We leave the mixture in the air at normal temperature to cool down, and then keep it in a box so that we can use it after showering or shampooing the hair.

Dye hair with lemon and chamomile

Ingredients for hair dye with lemon and chamomile

A glass of water.

Half a cup of chamomile with its flowers.

A cup of fresh lemon juice.

How to prepare hair dye with lemon and chamomile

- We put the water in a bowl.

We add chamomile to the water.

Leave the mixture on the stove for five minutes to a boil.

Turn off the heat after the specified period expires, then add fresh squeezed lemon to chamomile.

We leave the mixture at the normal room temperature to cool down.

We pack it in a convenient box.

Wash the hair with shampoo well.

Put the chamomile and lemon mixture on the hair and rub it well.

We expose the hair to the sun for about an hour until we get the best results from the lightening process.

Wash hair only with water without shampoo.

Dry the hair and repeat the process until we reach the required degree of lightening.

- It is possible to put this mixture in a bottle and spray it after each shower, and you will notice that the hair becomes more light with the passage of time, but if you want to get the lightening faster and more, the hair is sprayed with this mixture when you go out in the sunlight this way with Repeat will increase the lightening process from one degree to two degrees with a shorter period of time.

Dye hair with henna and chamomile

Ingredients for hair dye with henna and chamomile

-Two spoons of chamomile with its flowers.

- An appropriate amount of boiled tea without sugar.

- Henna in light color.

How to prepare hair dye with henna and chamomile

We put two tablespoons of chamomile and its flowers in boiling tea, and leave it for about two hours to steep.

We put henna in chamomile soaked in tea after at least two hours of soaking it, then we stir the mixture until it becomes homogeneous.

We apply henna to the hair from the roots of the hair to the ends and rub the hair with henna well.

Leave the hair for at least two hours.

We moisturize the hair with a chamomile infusion until the henna dries, and the hair is washed with lukewarm water with a small amount of shampoo gently.

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