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How to make lipstick at home in simple steps


Lipstick is one of the most important cosmetic materials, which women are keen to put on constantly, because it gives femininity and special beauty to every woman, and it is called lipstick, also known in the vernacular language as (red), and that does not mean that it is a condition of red color However, it is available in all colors, and lipstick consists of oils, waxes and others, and of course, the chemical element is among the ingredients that may harm in the long term.

How to make lipstick

Lipstick ingredients

Making lipstick at home is one of the best ways, to ensure that you do not harm, to use natural materials, such as oils and waxes, even the dye that is added to choose the favorite color of lipstick, it is a completely natural dye that does not contain any chemicals. Harmful, and therefore no harm to the skin will come from it in any way, and this is very important, especially after conducting many studies, which proved how dangerous the abnormal lipstick is on the skin. It took place in 2007.

And that study proved that lipstick contains lead, by 61% of lipstick preparations available in the market, and there are other studies conducted after that, and proved that lipstick contains other dangerous elements such as aluminum and chrome. Among the components of making lipstick at home: -

Natural coconut oil.

Natural olive oil, with the same amount of added coconut oil.

Natural beeswax.

Drops of your favorite essential oils, of course, rose oil or lavender oil.

Amount of water.

Natural dye.

Thus, all the ingredients that will be used to make lipstick are completely natural, and do not contain any chemicals, that would harm a woman's skin.

How to prepare lipstick at home

And after you have gathered all the required and previously mentioned components to prepare lipstick in your home, we will prepare it in very simple steps, without any complication or little effort, and this of course will make it easy for any woman to manufacture it at her home without any effort, and to prepare red Lips we take the following steps: -

- We prepare a deep return, and mix all the previously mentioned ingredients in it.

We boil a quantity of water, on a medium temperature, not high.

- After the water boils, we add the container that contains the oils to the water, in order for it to dissolve, and we must be careful to stir the ingredients continuously, so that we get homogeneity for all the ingredients.

After the oils are completely dissolved, we remove the container that contains them from the boiling water.

- Then after that we leave that mixture until it cools and becomes solid again, before it is used, and if you find that the mixture is inappropriately liquid, add some beeswax, but if you find that the mixture is too rigid for use, then you have to add some Oils to get the homogeneous mixture that is suitable for use as lipstick.

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