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Do kohl pens cause eye risks?


Do kohl pens cause eye risks?

Today we will discuss an important topic entitled Do Kohl Pencils Cause Danger to the Eye? This stems from the angle of women's love for beauty and to beautify themselves over the ages. Regardless of the tool you use for cosmetic purposes. Since kohl is an essential component of modern and ancient cosmetics, we decided to shed light on it today.

No woman does not dispense with adornment and beauty. They are natural rights for women, but you must pay attention and choose cosmetics that do not cause harm to them. As the pursuit of beauty is not at any cost that may harm a woman's health.

Do kohl pens cause eye risks?

Eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows are among the most sensitive areas of the body. Exposure to any metal toxins or bacteria that affect the eyes, eyesight, and vision. Which may cause blindness, and eyelid infections. Where it is advised that cosmetics, including kohl, be sold under medical supervision, and that these preparations be analyzed before being sold to members of the community.

Some types of cosmetics are contaminated with high amounts of lead, arsenic, and toxic metals. For example, eyeliner. This negatively affects those who use it, the pregnant woman, and the infant if his eyes are closed. Therefore, it is recommended to use cosmetics that prove safe, free of toxic minerals and harmful bacteria.

As this cosmetic of eyeliner and eyelashes for the eyes are toxins that are transmitted to fetuses and infants, and cause anemia, poor concentration, and poor growth. It can cause gastrointestinal pain.

Some of the dangers of kohl on the eyes:

Lead Pollution:

Many European and American societies suffer from lead contamination, which can leave children with cerebral palsy and memory loss. As the repeated use of contaminated cosmetics, which contain high levels of lead, is dangerous for the mother and her newborn. Hair dyes and house paints can also lead to an increase in lead in the blood.

Also, children's toys that have lead added to their colors helps concentrate lead in the children's blood.

Lead poses a risk to a pregnant woman and her fetus, as it is transported through the placenta, causing toxicity and mental retardation.

For your information, the accumulation of lead levels is a danger to the lives of children, adults and the elderly. Where community members think that these samples of kohl are useful, so they use them to guide their friends and relatives. They also bring them to their homes without knowing that using them may damage the eyes and bodies, for example:

Preparations that lead to dangers of kohl on the eyes, namely:

Original stone eyeliner with Zamzam water:

Where this type of kohl is promoted, and they call it original and that it is mixed with Zamzam water, as this kohl contains 0.25 PPM of lead, in addition to that, this percentage can damage the eyes, bones and liver.

Ghanaian eyeliner:

It is an outdoor solution only, made in Pakistan, and contains 28 ppm of toxic lead.

Black eyeliner pencils:

It is a gold pens containing 29 ppm lead.

Eyeliner Pencils No.10:

They are orange colored pencils manufactured in China, and they contain a high percentage of arsenic, and a high percentage of lead.

Eyeliner pencils with green color:

It is manufactured in China and has No. 9, and contains 4.0 lead.

Black eyeliner pencils:

They are black eyeliner pencils that are covered with a golden layer, and have an iron cover, as they contain 9.0 ppm of lead.

Eyeliner pencils with purple color:

It takes No. 8, as it is a Chinese industry, and is characterized by its attractive packaging, containing 7.1 ppm of lead.

Kohl powder:

It is made of powdered silver stones and is gray in color, but taken from silver metallic blocks, it is sold as a good eye solution.

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