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Broccoli mayonnaise salad



Beef: 8 slices (beef bacon)

Broccoli: head (small flower clip)

Onions: 1 piece (chopped)

Raisins: 1/3 cup

Mayonnaise: 1/3 cup

Balsamic vinegar: 3 tablespoons

Salt: half a teaspoon

Black pepper: half a teaspoon

Honey: 2 teaspoons

How to prepare

Stir the baked beef in a frying pan over the fire until it becomes crispy, remove from the skillet, crumble, and then set aside.

Chop the broccoli into florets and chop the stalk into small pieces.

Put broccoli in a serving bowl and add onions and raisins.

Mix mayonnaise and vinegar and stir well.

Add honey, salt and pepper to the mayonnaise mixture and stir well.

Add the mayonnaise mixture to the broccoli mixture and stir together.

Slice the baked beef on the salad and serve it immediately.

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