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Benefits of rice water for hair


Rice water is one of the best things that is used to get healthy and beautiful hair and this is because it is used old in Japan and all women use rice water to get long, beautiful and smooth hair.


This is where the rice water is called inositol, which is one of the essential components that help repair damaged hair from the inside and outside and protects the hair from damage and this is where the rice water is a liquid that has a milky white color, and this is because of the presence inside it useful starch for the person, which consists of minerals

The benefits of rice water for hair


- Helps in promoting hair growth as rice water helps in the treatment of hair loss and this is where rice water contains many amino acids, which always works on the renewal of all hair cells and this works to increase its growth, and also it is the one that contains a group of vitamins, which include B, c, E and which

- Rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate that helps strengthen hair elasticity.

- Helps reduce hair breakage and eliminate it and this is where it contains many proteins which help to completely get rid of all the divisions that are found in the hair, and this is where the divisions of the hair are caused by the exposure of the hair to external pollution, and this is what helps the hair always to lose its own health and

– It is used to improve the hair texture and this is when washing hair with shampoo and it is better to wash hair with rice water and this instead of using balsam, which helps greatly in improving hair and increase its density and this to get healthy and beautiful hair and long and dense, which is one of the things that distinguish it.

- Helps protect the hair from all damage and this as rice water works to reduce the surface friction which helps in improving the elasticity of the hair and carbohydrates that are found in rice which is called balinositol works on the treatment of damaged hair and help protect it fully and this substance is the one that remains in the hair and this even after

- Works to strengthen the hair roots as rice water contains a lot of amino acids that benefit the hair, which also helps to strengthen all the hair roots, which increases its shine, softness and vitality.

- Treats dandruff, which is one of the problems that embarrass all people and cause severe itching in the head and earth water helps to get rid of the problems of dandruff and permanent prevention of them and this when maintaining and continuing to use it.

– Helps in making hair soft, silky and shiny and this is what helps in doing rice water, which is next to this helps in making hair healthy.

- Lice are very annoying problems so rice water will help get rid of lice because it contains starch which eliminate lice and help get rid of it easily and quickly.

- Rice water helps in the treatment of curly hair and works on its individuality always because it is one of the most distinctive things that help in straightening hair.

– Used to get rid of many skin diseases, including alopecia, which is considered one of the most annoying skin diseases found in the hair.

– It is also used in the treatment of hair breakage because it contains many distinctive vitamins and minerals that help repair the damage that is found in the hair completely, and starch is one of the characteristic things that help clean the hair always and cure many diseases that are found in the hair.

Benefits of rice water to treat alopecia in the hair

Is alopecia areata of skin diseases which attack many people which is a challenge for many women and men, adults or kids, so we must address all the time, and can be tackled through many of home recipes have been tested, of which natural shampoo using water, ground sesame seeds, and the method used is a:


  From 40 to 100 grams of fresh sesame seeds.

Of 2.5 to 3 liters of rice water.

Method of preparation

 - Boil the sesame seeds and this is inside the rice water.

– You should use it after the shampoo is natural and ready for permanent use on alopecia.

- Use it as a warm solution.

 After this you need to dry the hair well and then rinse it with clean water.

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