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What is the effect of eating eggs daily?


Russian nutritionist, Dr. Olga Koraplyova, indicated in a statement to "Sputnik" that eggs are considered a natural food item that calms and reduces appetite.

In her statements, the doctor indicated that eating one or two eggs per day would help build muscle mass, noting that absorbing egg protein is easier than absorbing meat protein.

Although 100 grams of eggs contain relatively few calories, about 150 kilocalories, eggs carry a very important advantage, as they reduce appetite, and help to eat small amounts of food.

The doctor indicated that a healthy person can eat an amount of 2 to 3 eggs per day, but she indicated that it is possible to eat up to 10 eggs or more "in theory", but she advised not to eat more than 5 to 6 eggs per day with the need for diversification.

"The body absorbs the egg yolk in all its forms, whether it is raw, boiled or fried, but raw eggs can contain dangerous salmonella bacteria," said Corabelova.

The doctor added, "Therefore, it is preferable to eat boiled eggs, as in addition to that, the body absorbs them better."

The doctor noted that eating eggs on a daily basis may help improve mood because they contain the natural choline.

And 100 grams of boiled eggs contain 20% of the body’s daily need for tryptophan, which is responsible for the production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

The Russian doctor warned people who have some allergies from eating eggs, noting that eggs may cause allergy symptoms similar to those of a nut or strawberry allergy.

The doctor advised people who suffer from high levels of cholesterol in their blood to beware of eating large amounts of eggs, as well as people who suffer from pancreatitis or have problems with the liver, stomach, skin and jaundice.


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