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Twitter "is considering launching paid services to diversify its revenues


Twitter is considering launching paid services to its users as a way to diversify its income, at a time when the economic model of advertising-based Internet platforms appears to be facing increasing challenges.

A spokesperson for the group said, "We are studying opportunities for user funding, for example the creation of what he called" Super Falls "(or" premium subscriptions ") that allow designers and the media to obtain direct support from their followers to encourage them to continue creating content that their audience loves.

Twitter presented the "Super Falls" program during the annual investor meeting, and it is expected to announce additional details about this new product in the coming months.

This program allows followers of a person or entity the opportunity to subscribe to their account, for a few dollars a month, in exchange for exclusive content or a discount on derivative products or newsletters or even joining a private group.

The network of tweets visited daily by an average of about 192 million "income generating" users seeks to convince the market of its ability to attract more users and diversify its revenues.

"We are being criticized for three reasons: because we are slow, because we are not innovative and because we have no confidence," the group's founder, Jack Dorsey, said in an opening speech at the meeting.

He responded to these criticisms by rebutting the efforts of the "Twitter" teams in recent years, with in mind the goal of reaching 315 million "income-generating" users by 2023.

Dorsey plans to raise annual revenues by the same date to at least $ 7.5 billion, more than double the $ 3.7 billion the group generated last year.

This is the first time that Twitter has announced long-term financial goals, and this optimism has led to an increase in the value of stocks on Wall Street. However, translating these ambitions into reality requires large investments at a time when advertisers, regulators and civil society criticize the model of large internet platforms that provide free services. In exchange for "monetized" user data, brands pay to target the right profiles on a large scale and in a personal way.

Twitter's share is only 0.9 percent of the global digital advertising market, according to eMarketer, and it lags far behind Google (30 percent) and Facebook (24 percent).

Twitter also relies on its new products to monetize new areas, the first of which is the "Flets", which are temporary tweets similar to "Snapchat" and "Instagram" stories, and voice rooms, which are undoubtedly inspired by the rising star of social networks, "Clubhouse." ".

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