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The Independent: "Russia and Turkey are the leaders in aviation in Europe."

Britain has for many years topped the European aviation field, but the Coronavirus pandemic and the isolation measures that accompanied it have changed this reality, as Russia and Turkey occupied the lead in this field.

The British newspaper "The Independent" reported that Russia and Turkey topped the European aviation field, at a time when the British government was reluctant to help its companies, so this change could become permanent.

The British newspaper, in its report published two days ago, was based on a study conducted by Ralph Anker, news editor for The Anker Report, who analyzed a database of passenger traffic for 400 airports between April and December of last year, and compared it with data from the period 2019.

Enker concluded that there are two major aviation powers in Europe, but Britain is not of them, and pointed out that Turkey topped the aviation sector in Europe, while Russia came in second place, noting that data were analyzed for only two airports in Russia, namely Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

According to the study, Spain, Italy and France occupied the following three places, while Britain came in sixth place, knowing that Germany is close to catching up with Britain.

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