White Clay Mask Suitable for All Skin Types


White Clay Mask Suitable for All Skin Types



1 Teaspoon of White Clay

1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder

1 Tablespoon Yogurt

Preparation and application:

Bring all ingredients together in a clean small glass bowl.

Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon so that the mixture becomes a paste.

Gently rub the mixture all over your skin, except the eyes and lips.

When the mask is completely dry on your skin (do not wait too long) wash your skin immediately.

Wash your skin with plenty of lukewarm water.

Dry your skin with a paper towel.

Apply a moisturizer that you use.


Prepared this mask; oily skins should be applied once a week, normal skins once every 10 days, dry skins once every 2 weeks. You need to do the application frequency regularly. If you do not follow the order, your skin may be irritated by the mask. Continuity and regularity are essential in natural masks.

White clay or baking soda can cause some skin burns. Therefore, before applying the mask on your face, always try it on the wrist area of ​​your hand. If it does not show any burning, itching and redness, you can easily apply it on your skin. If an adverse situation is observed during mask application, the skin should be washed with plenty of water.

Before applying the mask, wash your skin with soap and clean it. The skin must be cleaned, especially if there is makeup residue. After that, a mask should be applied.

When using clay, it should be paid attention that the materials used are not plastic. For this reason, we recommend the use of glass bowls and wooden spoons. The use of plastic materials can disrupt the structure of the materials in the mask.

The white clay we use in our mask has many benefits on the skin. These;

It cleans the skin pores and removes the oil and dirt on the skin.

It softens the skin.

It prevents wrinkle formation on the skin. It has a natural rejuvenating effect.

It has a restorative effect on the skin by accelerating the blood circulation on the skin. Thus, it enables you to have a healthier skin.

It is a care mask that you can easily make at home and cost very cheap. Maybe it's a mask you've been looking for for years. I suggest you try it after you've done a little allergy test on your skin.