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Types of men in romantic relationships


Sometimes you may encounter a woman a man loves her but he doesn't realize how to deal with it; because the man in this case does not know how to express feelings of love to his partner. A woman may meet a man who does not tell her that he loves her, although all the actions he performs towards a woman prove his love for her. This man already loves you, but he expresses his love more through deeds than words. Dr. Medhat Abdulhadi, an expert in marital relations, says that there are different types of emotional partners between the best and the worst.

Partners and romantic relationships

Jealous guy feels paranoid

Jealous Guy

A jealous man feels insecure on his part and paranoid, can not understand the concept of love, can not understand why his girl talks to her male colleagues, will lose his mind just because his girlfriend thinks about spending time with another man, even if it is at a family session or at work.

The genre is always on edge, just a casual glance of random pedestrians in his girlfriend can spoil his mood.

Insecure lover

This kind of friends is a narcissist so obsessed with will continue to worry about the response time between calls or text messages from his lover. This type of partner usually suffers from low self-esteem.

Very passionate lover

The beloved is like the characters in romance novels, he does all the romantic things such as holding your hands, stand outside your house with your flowers and bring your favorite chocolate, he is with you in difficult times, he is not shy to express his love for you by planting a kiss on your forehead.

My beloved work

This type of partner is probably the most logical. A practical lover does not allow emotions to overlook his decision and will always continue to overcome his feelings with logic, remains calm and rarely gets upset by his problems with the partner, he is less emotional.

Confident lover

It's the best kind of partners, because he knows exactly what to say and how to act to provide safety to his beloved, in addition to knowing the importance of giving you a private space when needed.


This is the worst kind of partners, he is obsessed with himself and seeks to get the attention of women, often don't have loyalty to his beloved is in need of stable emotional.


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