This is the most appropriate time difference between eating and sexual relations


Intimacy has innumerable benefits on the psychological and physical levels, as long as it is practiced properly and in moderation to avoid its negative effects, which can sometimes be dangerous.

One of the most important mistakes that must be paid attention to and avoided is engaging in sexual intercourse immediately after eating, as this matter is dangerous for the health of both spouses.

It is best to eat at least 4 hours before sexual intercourse in order for proper digestion to occur.

In the event that sexual intercourse is practiced directly after eating, the digestive system consumes almost the entire body’s energy in order to enhance the digestion process, and even the blood is busy with this process in order to enhance it.

The pumping of the heart quantities of blood into the stomach and intestines after eating to complete the digestive process, requires the withdrawal of amounts of oxygen associated with the blood and lungs.

The effort expended by the heart, body, energy, and the amount of oxygen withdrawn from digesting food, and having sexual intercourse, may cause headache, dizziness, drowsiness and fatigue.

The sexual relationship may end if it is practiced immediately after eating in an unsuccessful and unsatisfactory manner for both partners. This is due to premature ejaculation that results from the nervous system being preoccupied with the digestion process and the insufficient blood flow, and this matter negatively affects the relationship between the two parties and their moods.

As for the desire to practice intimacy immediately after eating, this is possible provided that the meal that was eaten is very light and does not consume much energy for the body to digest it.