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The most important 5 tips for thickening beard hair


Men usually suffer from the problem of weak beard hair density, while others suffer from the presence of voids, and the lack of growth of chin hair, which leads some to shave the beard, instead of lengthening it.

And before applying any mixtures or tips, we recommend that you go to a dermatologist to find out the real reasons for the lack of thick chin hair and apply the appropriate treatment.

We also recommend that you follow the following tips to help you get thicker beard hair:

Playing sports

You may be surprised, dear reader, about the relationship of exercise, with thickening of beard hair, but there is a close connection between them, as sport helps to pump more blood by improving blood circulation, thus improving hair follicle growth.

Where exercise increases the production of the hormone testosterone, and thus stimulates the growth of beard hair follicles.

Get away from stress

The psychological aspect plays, and the effect of depression and stress on human health, as psychological stress can contribute to the loss of head and beard hair as well.

Where tension works to constrict blood vessels, which prevents the arrival of food, or little of it, from reaching the hair roots.

A healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet fortified with proteins and vitamins helps to thicken beard hair, such as eggs, which are one of the richest sources of biotin, and among the best nutrients for beard growth.

In addition to eating foods rich in omega-3, such as: salmon and sardines, which promote the growth of beard hair and reduce hair loss.

stop smoking

Despite all the warnings about the dangers of smoking, it is among the factors affecting the growth of beard hair as well, as nicotine prevents food from reaching the hair follicles, and constricts blood vessels, which prevents blood from reaching the beard hair.

Garlic blends

Garlic is among the nutrients that have been used since ancient times to treat many diseases, and many studies have mentioned the benefits that garlic has, which are beneficial to human health.

Among the golden benefits of garlic, it helps in thickening the hair and germinating the hair follicles of the beard, by mashing it and putting it on the blanks, or using its oil, but it is always recommended to try it in a small amount on the skin to ensure that it is not irritated.


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