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The launch of clinical trials of a new potential vaccine for Corona in Britain


The French-Austrian biotech company Valinfa has announced that it will start clinical trials of a vaccine candidate for the Coronavirus in Britain, as the government has already ordered at least 60 million doses, according to a report by Time Now News.

The vaccine developer explained that the first and second phase trials, which include about 150 healthy adults, will focus on the safety of the vaccine and its ability to stimulate the immune response in three different doses and with the support of the British National Institute of Health, tests will be conducted in several sites across the UK.

Valneva hopes to determine the optimal dose of the vaccine in the second quarter of next year, which puts it on the right track for approval by the fall, several months after its previous ambition in mid-2021.

In addition to a confirmed request for 60 million doses, Britain has options to purchase another 130 million doses between 2022 and 2025 in a deal worth 1.4 billion euros ($ 1.7 billion, 1.2 billion pounds).

The valine vaccine contains an inactivated form of the virus that can stimulate an immune response from the body but cannot harm health, and it is the same technology used in the existing vaccination against Japanese encephalitis.

Valneva is headquartered in Nantes in western France, it employs about 500 people around the world and already has two vaccines on the market, for Japanese encephalitis and cholera, it has an additional Lyme disease vaccine in its Phase II trials and a fourth Chikungunya vaccine in the phase III.


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