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Should we dry our hair or not?


After washing your hair, should we wrap it in a blow dryer or let it dry in the wind? Here's what is best for your hairstyle

Drying hair with a dryer is harmful:

Some people are afraid to blow dry their hair, as it also dries their hair. Both sides are right about this. Because some hair needs to be dried with a blow dryer, while others need to be aired and dried naturally. Because this situation is related to the structure of the hair.

Dry hair is much less sensitive than wet hair:

Each hair has its own structure. But after all, wet hair is much more sensitive than dry hair. The reason for this is that moisture sensitizes the surface of your hair by making it rough. For example; If you go to bed with wet hair, you increase the risk of hair breakage when you touch the pillow with your hair. Because the hair also dries in an irregular situation, you can wake up with a hairstyle you never wanted when you wake up. Therefore, it will take much longer to style your hair the next morning. Because the probability of waking up with disheveled hair is very high.


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