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Orange Mask for Oily Hair


Orange Mask for Oily Hair



1 Grain Orange

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Liter of Water

Preparation and application:

Peel the orange and cut it into several pieces.

Grate the peel of the orange and cut it into small pieces.

Put the sliced ​​oranges and the peel in a small saucepan and add the water.

Put the pot on the stove and boil it.

Continue boiling for 5 minutes.

After boiling is over, filter the orange and peel in the pot and put the pulp into a bowl.

Add olive oil over the pulp in the bowl.

Stir the mixture well.

Apply the mixture on your scalp.

Wait 2 hours.

Wash your hair with plenty of warm water.

Dry with a towel.


Those who have oily problems in their hair should apply this mask regularly once a week, which will control the oil balance in the hair.

Vitamins and minerals in orange and olive oil will care for your hair at the same time. These treatments;

It prevents hair fractures and repairs the fractures that have occurred.

It gives shine to the hair and provides a lively look.

It makes the hair thicker and contributes to the hair gaining volume.

It accelerates hair growth.

3. Olive oil and orange make a restorative care on the scalp. For this reason, it prevents the formation of dandruff. The acidic structure in its content prevents the formation of bacteria.

4. We are in the season of orange. You can easily find this fruit at home.




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