Omega3 oil to fight corona virus!


Norwegian researchers are studying the properties of cod liver oil and its ability to help fight the Corona virus.

Although the search for treatments to cure a virus does not stop progressing, researchers are also considering a list of natural ingredients that would fight this disease. In Oslo, Norway, France Info reported that a team of scientists there is currently studying the benefits of cod liver oil. For prevention against the Covid-19 virus, according to "Top Sante".

This oil may be completely effective against respiratory infections. Because of its vitamin D content, we already know that vitamin D will be useful in fighting breast cancer, fibromyalgia, or even hardening of plaques. In general, this vitamin has positive benefits for the musculoskeletal system and the immune system as a whole in the body.

The benefits of vitamin D in stimulating the immune system

Vitamin D supports the immune system in the face of corona

Vitamin D is used to prevent elderly people from catching a cold or winter flu. As a result; This vitamin could play a role in fighting the Covid-19 virus. In addition, Spanish doctors noted that of the 216 patients who were under treatment due to their infection with the Corona virus, 80 percent of them were suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

Cod liver oil contains vitamin D in large quantities. Accordingly, does cod liver oil help prevent SARS-Cove 2 infection? Is vitamin D or omega-3, which contain quantities of this vitamin, effective for preventing disease? The study that will be conducted on 70 thousand people over a two-year period will give us the answers to these questions without a doubt. Until the results are released; Do not stop taking adequate daily doses of vitamin D, in light of the ongoing Corona pandemic.