Natural recipes with olive oil for shiny and strong nails in the winter season


In cold weather, the nails become fragile, sensitive and weak, and the surrounding skin is rough and prone to peeling, causing pain and an unpleasant appearance to the hands, so we offer you my lady recipes with oils that will help you maintain the luster, health and shine of your nails.

Olive oil and honey recipe:

Olive oil contains natural moisturizing ingredients, while honey helps nail fly and eggs increase their strength.

To prepare this mixture you need two tablespoons of natural honey, half a cup of olive oil and one whole egg.

Mix the ingredients well, and soak your nails in the mixture for a quarter of an hour. You can repeat this mixture once or twice a week as needed.

Olive oil and lemon juice recipe:

Fill half a cup with olive oil and add half the amount of lemon juice to it, stir the mixture with a spoon, cheek a piece of cotton and wet it with the mixture, then wipe your nails well with it and wait a quarter of an hour before washing it.

This recipe can be adopted on a daily basis until you get the desired result.