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Methods for treating sensitive oily skin


Treating sensitive oily skin is one of the most difficult issues facing dermatologists, so today we will present broad lines on treating sensitive oily skin with natural methods, in addition to general tips for caring for sensitive oily skin.

Natural treatment methods for sensitive oily skin

These are the most important natural methods you can do to take care of your sensitive oily skin and relieve its problems:

Tea tree oil for treating acne in sensitive oily skin

Tea tree oil helps to rid you of pimples, pimples and blackheads because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and tea tree extract comes in the form of creams, gels, or oil to treat acne, but it is not used alone as tea tree oil must be diluted with any type From natural oils, then put the oil on the pills.

Honey mask to moisturize sensitive oily skin

Honey contains many antioxidants that remove dirt and dead skin cells from the pores of the skin, and it is also a great moisturizer for the skin, so you can distribute honey on your entire face after cleaning it for 20 minutes and then clean it with warm water.

Aloe vera gel recipe to soothe sensitive oily skin

Aloe vera gel is an excellent recipe for moisturizing and filtering oily skin, so do not hesitate to apply fresh aloe vera gel once a day

Care tips for sensitive oily skin

Choose a suitable lotion for oily skin and clean the face twice a day, especially after exercise and sweating, to avoid clogging the pores of the skin due to excessive sweating.

Moisturizing the skin on a daily basis, but with a moisturizer suitable for the type of skin. As we get older, the skin loses with the passage of years, collagen is lost at the age of 35.

Avoid touching or squeezing the pimples and allow them to dry and disappear on their own.

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins such as vegetables and fruits, and not eating foods rich in fat, such as fried foods and sugars.

Drink enough water daily, ranging between 6-8 cups.

Exercising regularly and periodically to increase oxygenation to the skin.

Consult a dermatologist when there is any change in your skin so that your condition does not worsen.

Get rid of your skin problems by applying the natural sensitive oily skin treatment methods that we have chosen for you and adhere to the valuable advice offered, this matter will not cost you much, but it will positively affect your appearance and self-confidence.


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