Means for skin whitening


Skin whitening means

The skin is exposed to many factors that cause its Tan, such as sunlight, frequent use of cosmetics, where there are many ways and means to whiten the skin, restore its vitality and freshness; in this article we will show some of those means that are based on herbal extracts and natural oils.

Skin whitening means

Turmeric: mix two tablespoons of milk with half a teaspoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of turmeric, two teaspoons of chickpea flour, and put them on the skin for fifteen minutes before we wash them with water.

Rice flour and honey: mix half a teaspoon of honey with a small glass of water-tea mixture, two tablespoons of rice flour, apply from the mixture to the skin, leave for about a quarter or a third of an hour, then wash the skin with cold soapy water, apply moisturizing cream.

Milk and honey: one of the effective recipes in whitening the skin; where we mix a spoonful of yogurt or milk powder with a tablespoon of honey, then grease it skin, and leave it for fifteen minutes before washing it with water.

Yogurt and oat flour: put in a small dish a spoonful of yogurt, a spoonful of tomato juice, a spoonful of oatmeal, mix well, then put on the skin for twenty minutes, rubbing in circular motions until we remove dead skin cells.

Potatoes: they are an effective means of whitening the skin because they contain vitamin C which keeps the freshness and health of skin, where it grated on the skin for half an hour before washing them with water, and daily access to get a good result.

Almond oil: it gives great results in whitening the skin, just massage the skin with it, leave it for several minutes, or soak a quantity of almonds in a quantity of water all night, and the next morning grind it, mix it with yogurt, put it on the skin for about a quarter of an hour, then wash it with cold water.

Mint leaves: where we mash some of its fresh leaves, and put them on the skin for fifteen minutes before washing them with cold soapy water, they are good substances in bleaching the skin, regenerating its cells.

Banana: mix a mashed banana fruit with two tablespoons of yogurt, a spoonful of natural honey and apply to the skin for about a quarter of an hour before washing off with water.

Orange peel: we grind dry orange peel, add to it a spoonful of yogurt until we get a paste, and then apply to the skin, repeating the recipe daily to get the good result.

Sandalwood powder: it is one of the recipes that suits oily skin, just mix a little of it with a small amount of water, put it on the skin, leave it to dry, and then wash it with cold water.

Saffron and milk: mix a tablespoon of saffron with a spoonful of milk, massage the skin in circular motions for two minutes, then leave to dry for a quarter of an hour before washing with water.