Learn about the conditions for choosing the right fragrance for you


Fragrance has become one of the essentials of daily life that is indispensable for everyone who aspires to distinction and brilliance, and for this to be achieved, some basic rules must be considered in your choice of perfume.

Conditions for choosing perfumes:

When buying a perfume, you find yourself confused and confused by a huge amount of wonderful perfumes, and when you are chosen for the fragrance that you like it may not be valid for you after that, so how do you buy the perfume when you are reassured and confident that it is good for you. Choosing the right fragrance requires adherence to some conditions:

Shopping in the morning to choose the desired fragrance before exposure to the stress of the day. With the necessity not to perfume before going to buy perfume, this confuses the scents and makes the choice difficult. The reality of the perfume appears only in two ways: on paper before testing it on the body, so the perfume must be smelled well after spraying it on the paper, as it smells clearly.

Do not buy perfume bottles that contain sprays because they are impractical, and they may cause contamination of the aromatic liquid with various materials, as a result of your direct contact with the aromatic liquid when using it. Instead, buy a spray perfume, apply the perfume to a piece of cotton first, and then wipe the cotton on the skin.

It is advisable not to try more than three perfumes when choosing a perfume, as mixing them with each other makes the choice difficult, and makes the choice difficult.