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Learn about the best hand sanitizers to prevent corona


Despite the start of vaccination with anti-corona virus vaccines, precautionary measures, and ways to prevent the virus, including hand sanitizers, are indispensable, according to what was reported by womenshealthmag.

The study by dermatologists and allergy experts indicates that hand sanitizers are a good way to cleanse when you don't have soap and water in between the handwash, however, you should use things correctly, check the expiration date, and make sure they contain the correct ingredients and proportion. Recommended percentage of alcohol.

The study confirms that disinfectants that contain alcohol of 60% or more are best at killing many types of germs, if the bottle contains less than that, it may reduce the growth of germs but do not kill them, the CDC confirms in the United States that the percentage of alcohol A high of 60% is required to kill germs, in this report the best hand sanitizers you can easily find are as follows:

Hand sanitizer 80% alcohol

The new hand sanitizer formula follows World Health Organization guidelines with 80% alcohol, and comes in a traditional glass bottle

Aloe vera sterilizer with 77% alcohol

The new hand sanitizer contains 77% ethyl alcohol and organic aloe vera to help soothe dry hands, choose from multiple sizes for use at home or on the go.

Hand sanitizer 70% alcohol

The hand sanitizer, which contains 70% ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient, is one of the highest alcohol concentrations of any of the recommended hand sanitizers on this list.

Moisturizing hand sanitizer 67% alcohol

This portable spray bottle makes sterilization easy and elegant, it sprays moisturizing oils, such as lemon and lime essential oils, along with ethyl alcohol that is resistant to 67% germs.

Sterilized with basil 62% alcohol

Basil hand sanitizer is a hand sanitizer that contains 62% ethyl alcohol and leaves behind a fresh and bright scent.

Organic hand sanitizer 62% alcohol

This easy-to-use spray has an extra calming effect to the scent of lavender, it contains 62% ethyl alcohol to fight germs, the ingredients are organic and botanical, certified by the USDA and not tested on animals.


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