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It both delays the signs of aging and increases collagen!


The biggest cause of age-related loosening, sagging and lines on the skin is that the body reduces its natural collagen production over the years. For this reason, processes that support collagen production should be preferred in medical aesthetic procedures. Expressing that it is important that the procedures performed both create the desired fullness in the skin and contribute to collagen production, Dr. Özgür Esen Çetiner explained the "Smart Filling" application that provides these two functions at the same time.


'' One of the most important points in skin rejuvenation applications is to increase collagen production. During the aging process, the structure of collagen in our skin is deteriorated and damaged. The quality of the collagen is reduced and the equivalent of this situation in the skin is loosening and loss of elasticity. In addition, skin collagen decreases in quantity due to excessive destruction and inability to produce enough new replacement. As a result, with the participation of the gravity effect in the process, reduction of the fullness on the cheekbones, ejaculation and downward sagging in the cheeks, deepening in the nasal groove, the formation of laughing lines on the lip, shrinkage on the lip and sagging on the mouth.


The desire to delay the signs of aging has become very important for both women and men in recent years. Upon this increasing demand, many medical aesthetic methods and applications that fight aging have been developed. In this process, it is aimed to increase the amount of collagen and the quality of collagen produced by stimulating the body's own collagen production mechanisms. The smart filling, which has been preferred recently and produces our own collagen, is very successful in eliminating all the troubles I mentioned related to age.


The Ellanse Smart filler contains polycarbolactan. In studies performed after this special substance injection, electron microscope images showed the production and increase of type 1 collagen, which is very important for the skin. As a result, when PCL particles are completely bioabsorbed, sufficient amount of collagen is formed to give a lifting effect and fullness. Caprolactone, which has been used safely as a suture in surgical applications for about 30 years, stimulates collagen-producing cells and causes the tissue to produce new and robust collagen.

With its biocompatible structure, the incidence of allergy side effects is negligible when applied with the right techniques.


Collagen-stimulating fillers are very easy to apply, as is the case with other fillers. Therefore, it can be expressed as a small touch. It is painless due to its application with local anesthetic. You can return to daily life immediately after the application. The light fullness seen at the first application belongs to the gel and disappears in a few weeks. It is necessary to wait 3-4 months for the real effect. Because this time is required for sufficient collagen formation. At the end of this period, the desired lifting effect and fullness in the skin, as well as improvement in skin quality and appearance.


Smart filling is in four different forms that can last from one year to four years. It can be applied to any place that needs volume and lifting in the face area, except lips and under eyes. It is applied to increase skin quality and elasticity on the back of the hand, neck and décolleté. It can also help with facial scars, deep acne scars


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