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How to make soap to whiten the sensitive area


Do you suffer from some sensitive areas? Are you looking for a proven natural way to whiten the sensitive area?!،

Here's a soap blend to whiten the delicate area, which is easy to prepare and can be done at home.

 How to make soap to bleach the sensitive area

♦ Soap mix ingredients to whiten sensitive area:

* Milk Yoko soap

* Laurel soap

* Olive oil soap or soda soap

* 2 cups rose water

* Cup of water

* Teaspoon sweet almond oil

- How to prepare the soap mixture:

* Spread Yoko soap, Laurel, olive oil or soda.

• Put the grated soap in a small saucepan to a boil, then add two cups of rose water.

* Stir well over the fire so that it does not burn, and after melting add a glass of water and stir well.

• Remove the pan from the heat, add a spoonful of sweet almond oil and stir well, until creamy.

• Use the whitening soap mixture 4 times a week using it as an area massage cream

Sensitive area of the knees and elbows, so make circular movements for a quarter of an hour.

With the repetition of the cell you will notice the difference yourself, and you can use mix the soap to whiten the face but for

5 minutes and once a week, using an exotic loofah to massage the face and then rinse the face with lukewarm water.


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