Home vanilla extract uses


The use of vanilla extract is not limited to cooking or baking. Rather, its benefits extend to cleaning tasks in the house, such as taking care of your refrigerator, "microwave" and coffee maker, or eliminating spills. In the following, the home uses of vanilla extract.

• To get rid of the bad smell in the refrigerator, despite cleaning it, wipe the insides of it with vanilla extract. For the refreshing scent of vanilla to last, soak a cotton ball (or sponge) with vanilla extract, and leave it in the fridge.

• To get rid of unpleasant odors in the "microwave", pour a little vanilla extract into a bowl, put it inside the "microwave", close its door, and turn it on at a high temperature, for a minute.

• To get rid of the strong odor generated by the paint, mix a tablespoon of vanilla extract in the paint can when opened, giving the house a refreshing scent.

• For home scenting, two drops of vanilla extract are added to the lamp, and when lit, a pleasant scent will smell in the room.

• Add a few drops of vanilla extract to the dust bag (or filter) of the vacuum cleaner, and upon running the carpet will have a vanilla scent.

• While most people prefer the smell of vanilla, but the latter is capable of repelling insects, when diluting a tablespoon of vanilla extract with a cup of water, and coating the skin with the mixture, to make mosquitoes, black flies and monkeys not approach you.