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Dubai offers great facilities to spend the holidays!


The UAE city of Dubai is one of the most prominent tourist destinations around the world, especially in winter, in light of sunny weather and the absence of quarantine restrictions.

According to the British newspaper "The Sun" website, families do not need to take a Corona virus test before traveling to Dubai, with a test performed upon arrival at the airport.

Dubai provides great facilities for precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus, including accepting negative PCR tests 96 hours before travel.

Among the most prominent advantages of Dubai in the winter season is the presence of sunny weather most of the time, and the stability of the temperature at an average of 26 degrees Celsius during the month of December.

Many travel and airline companies and tour operators offer special offers for travel to Dubai, and Emirates offers direct non-stop routes.

Emirates Airlines is offering all budget travelers a free night at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, one of the most prominent 5-star hotels in the world, on the condition that he travels between December 6 and February 28.

While those holding first or business class in Emirates airlines get an additional stay with two free nights at the hotel, which starts from about $ 150 per night, so the Emirates offer is a great saving for anyone thinking of heading to Dubai for a vacation .

Dubai has attracted a lot of international celebrities and stars recently, led by Irish star Mora Higgins and British Molly May, Ex on the Beach star Georgia Harrison, Amber Turner, Amber Davis and Fern McCann


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