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Do not drink a lot of water right before bed!


The benefits of drinking water for the body's organs are undoubtedly great, but there are some warnings against excessive drinking water right before bed, for several reasons ... Know them as follows:

Some health experts recommend drinking two cups of water before bed. To avoid blood clots. Despite the importance of drinking water to get rid of toxins, stimulate the burning process, skin health, and so on, some doctors and health experts warn of the danger of drinking water right before bed, according to the German website DW.

Urologist Dr. Fantia Sima Xiang considered drinking water before bedtime harmful to health. She explained that drinking large quantities of water shortly before going to bed prompts a person to get up during the night in order to enter the bathroom to urinate. This negatively affects sleep hours and their quality, and the serious health consequences that result from that.

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