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Cold pastry recipe


Cold pastry recipe

How about a sweet or sweet cold cake that will refresh you? Get ready for the wonderful taste it leaves in your mouth ...

packet of biscuits (any kind)

200 grams of room temperature butter

● 1 cup of cashew nuts ● 10 dried figs

● For a mezzanine: 500 grams of fresh or dried figs

● 1 lemon ● 10 sun dried apricots

1 cup chopped hazelnuts 1 tea glass tahini

1 tea glass of molasses


Pass the biscuit through the robot and grind it into powder. Add crushed cashews, minced figs and butter on it and knead until it becomes a dough. For the intermediate layer, blend chopped figs, sun dried apricots, grated lemon peel, hazelnuts, molasses and tahini to get a thick paste (you can add molasses if it is very difficult to get the consistency while blending it) Divide the biscuit mixture into two parts. Press and spread it on a medium square mold covered with stretch film by hand. Then turn it over and remove it. Press and spread the second piece. Place the molasses mixture on it. Cover the first biscuit piece you take out of the mold. Press lightly with your hand and let it rest in the freezer until it hardens. After slicing, serve by decorating with fig and fig jam.


It is a good idea to consume it immediately, as the intermediate material will release its water after this dessert comes out of the freezer.


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