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Benefits of intermittent fasting ... How many hours do I need to lose weight?


A recent study reported that there are two fasting diets, known as a "limited time diet", that have been proven effective in losing weight.

The study, published by researchers from the University of Illinois in Chicago in the journal "Cell Metabolism," revealed the results of a clinical trial that compared a restricted diet to 4 hours and a restricted diet for 6 hours with a control group.

"This is the first human clinical trial to compare the effects of two popular forms of time-restricted diets on body weight and cardiac metabolic risk factors," said Christa Faraday, professor of nutrition at the International University of Casablanca for Applied Health Sciences.

Participants in the 4-hour restricted diet group were asked to eat only between 1 PM to 5 PM, and participants in the 6-hour restricted diet group were asked to eat only between 1 PM and 7 PM.

In both study groups, participants were allowed to eat whatever they wanted during the 4-hour or 6-hour eating period, according to the magazine "Medical Express".

During fasting hours, the participants were instructed to drink only water or non-calorie drinks, and the researchers also asked another group of participants to maintain their weight and not change their diets or levels of their physical activities, according to Al Ain News.

Participants were followed for 10 weeks, as researchers tracked weight, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, blood pressure, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and inflammatory markers.


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