Before shaving the sensitive area .. Adopt these steps


After puberty, it becomes natural for quantities of hair to appear in various parts of the body in women, especially in sensitive areas, which makes removing them necessary to maintain personal hygiene and feel more comfortable, and one of the easiest and fastest methods approved to get rid of excess hair resort To shaving by adopting these necessary and basic stages:

Choose the right razor blades

Razors for women should be obtained, with the need to ensure that they are always sterilized well before shaving by soaking them with a disinfectant solution or wiping them with medical alcohol, to ensure that they are free of any bacteria.

Choose the appropriate period for shaving

To shave the hair perfectly and without any potential side damages, it is preferable that you do so immediately after showering, as the skin on the body during this period is moist and soft.

Preparing the skin for shaving

Before shaving, wash the sensitive area with warm water, which helps soften the skin effectively. It is also useful to gently exfoliate the area using an exfoliating lotion to get rid of dead skin cells and fine hair.

Use shaving cream

Resorting to shaving definitely requires the use of a cream designated for this purpose, which contributes to the ease of the process and helps to avoid any rashes and possible minor injuries by achieving the sliding of the razor blade more easily. We also point out that it is necessary to resort to shaving in the direction of hair growth to prevent skin irritation, with the need to follow this technique calmly and deliberately without any haste or haste.

Taking care of the area after shaving is essential

After you have finished shaving the sensitive area, be sure to wash the area well by resorting to the use of an antiseptic cream to protect the skin from pimples, dryness and infections. Here, we note that it is necessary to moisturize the skin to prevent dehydration and to prevent many potential skin diseases.