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A useful food item that improves digestion

 Proctologist and cancer specialist Dr. Yelena Smirnova revealed the importance of adding fresh young potatoes to the diet. Because it improves the digestion of food.

The expert said, "Patients always ask me. Can we eat potatoes. I say it is possible, but this does not mean eating it four-five times a day, not in the evening, because it contains high calories. In general, potatoes are a useful nutrient."

The doctor indicated that potatoes provide the body with the elements of fluorine, magnesium, sodium, iron and zinc, and says, "Potato peel contains a high proportion of vitamin C, as well as dietary fibers necessary for the digestive process, and potassium necessary for heart health."

At the same time, the expert warns that people who suffer from diabetes, in particular, should not eat green potatoes, or green potatoes, because this indicates the presence of solanine poison in them.

She says, "The simplest and best healthy recipe for preparing potatoes is to roast them with their skin on a stove, because this preserves a high percentage of their health-beneficial elements."


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