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4 tips to protect the face from acne and pimples by wearing a mask


The Corona pandemic has imposed many changes on our lives, including wearing a muzzle in workplaces or in commercial centers, which leave a clear impact on the skin, including acne.

To avoid this problem, you can follow the following tips:

Moisturizing the skin

A moisturizer would act as a barrier to protect the face from any permanent friction, so it is important to apply a moisturizer before wearing the muzzle, according to the advice of Dr. Amina Amiri, a specialist in dermatology, cosmetology and laser, and to apply it more than once during the day.

The doctor also recommends that you take off the muzzle every few hours to help the skin breathe, and to ensure that it is not exposed to friction for too long.

Avoid wearing makeup

With the high temperatures and high humidity, it is always advised not to wear make-up, or to resort to light makeup, to avoid skin friction with the muzzle as much as possible, which results in the appearance of acne or pimples, as the make-up will work with wearing the muzzle to close the skin pores more.

Choosing medical masks

Many women and girls today resort to using fabric masks, some of which may contain polyester material that is harmful to the skin, and some of them may forget to wash the muzzle with repeated use, which leads to irritation and acne.

To avoid this problem, it is advised to use medical masks that can be replaced every two hours.

Wash your face after returning home

After you return home, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the face, and to use a gentle cleanser and exfoliator, to get rid of any traces that have accumulated on the surface of the skin during the period of leaving the house.

Then apply your skin care routine by cleaning it with toner and applying moisturizing cream.


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