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4 exercises to improve your posture and protect against back pain!


Back pain is a very common problem that affects most people at some point in their lives. But making some changes to your physical condition may help protect against painful lower back pain.

Back pain can be bothersome and frustrating, but it gets better on its own within a few weeks or months. Most of the time, your back pain will not be caused by anything serious and should improve with time.

Poor posture can disrupt the delicate balance of weight on your spine, weakening individual tissues and leading to back pain.

The best way to correct a bad posture is to strengthen the back muscles, according to FLYLDN Pilates president, Chiara Piketty.

Sagging is the most common cause of poor posture, while lying on your stomach in bed can also lead to back pain.

Bending forward or lifting heavy objects without bending your knees has been associated with back pain, but specific exercises may reduce the risk of back pain in the future. And you should speak to a doctor first before starting any of them.

Wall angel

A starfish crossed the door

Piketty told “Stand with your back against the wall with your wrists, elbows, head, shoulders, back and one heel touching the wall. Slowly raise your hands until they are above your head, then lower your hands until they are level with your shoulders. Make sure they stay on the wall and repeat this from Five to ten times. "

"When walking through a door with your arms open, press your hands against the door frame so that it is just below shoulder height," Piketty says. "This exercise will make you feel in charge of your posture and is a great extension of the chest muscles, which tighten when you bend forward."

Twisted spine extension

Kiara advises: “Lie down and pull your knees to your chest, then let them rest on one side of the carpet. Press both shoulders down on the carpet and away from the ears. Turn your head to the other side for a full spine twist. This is a great stretch of the lower back that is compressing yet. Sitting for long hours. "

Open chest

Kiara said, "You should sit upright with your arms straight in front of you, inhale and pull your arms out and toward your back. Take a deep breath and you will feel your chest and shoulders open. Press on the shoulder blades and then repeat what you did."


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