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3 great scrubs for dry skin


It is true that natural skin care mixtures are recommended for all women, so they are especially important for those with dry skin, because harsh chemicals increase dry skin, which hastens the appearance of wrinkles.

Therefore, skin care experts advise the need to exfoliate dry skin in a way that suits it, and from here we recommend that you replace the exfoliants available in the market with others that consist of light natural materials that perform the task of moisturizing and exfoliating together.

Here are the best natural exfoliators for dry skin:

1. Coffee scrub

Ground coffee is one of the best natural substances to stimulate and stimulate skin cells, and it works very efficiently for dry skin. And when mixed with one of the moisturizing oils, it gives a better result.

the ingredients:

1 tablespoon of ground coffee (relatively coarse)

1 tablespoon of coconut oil (or almond oil solution)


You just need to grind some coffee beans. You can also use the leftover coffee grounds in the morning. Mix a tablespoon of coffee with a tablespoon of oil. Mix them well. Apply this mixture on your face and rub it in a circular motion for 4-6 minutes. Rinse it off and apply your favorite moisturizer.

2. Creamy lotion with sugar

the ingredients:

A tablespoon of any creamy lotion

2 tablespoons of sugar


Sprinkle a little lukewarm water on your face first. Using a soft cloth, rub gently until dry. Put a tablespoon of cleaning cream in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of ground sugar. Apply this mixture on your face. Rub in a circular motion. Now dampen a soft towel with lukewarm water. Remove the scrub from your face using a towel, then lukewarm water. This scrub gets rid of dead cells and at the same time closes the pores, which protects you from pimples and blackheads.

3- Green tea and honey scrub

Green tea is an anti-aging agent that helps reduce blemishes and wrinkles as well as repair damaged tissue.

the ingredients:

1 tablespoon of green tea diluted with boiling water

Spoonful of sugar

Spoonful of honey


Boil a cup of green tea. Pour a tablespoon of it into a bowl. Leave it to cool down for a few minutes. Add a tablespoon of sugar, then a tablespoon of honey. Apply this scrub on your face. Rub your entire face, focusing on the dark spots. Wipe the scrub off with a towel, then rinse your face with cold water.


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