This is what you need to restore your lost skin glow


Easy steps, smart tricks, and practical advice are what you need to regain your skin's lost glow. Find a selection of them below that has proven effective over the years.

Avoid hot baths.

Hot water causes harm to the skin, and therefore experts advise to avoid washing the face and showering with very warm water, as it removes the protective layer of the skin, causing it to dry out.

Make sure to wash the face always with cold water, avoid staying in the bathtub for more than 10 minutes, and moisturize the face and body skin with cream immediately after washing it, which helps retain the moisture that is originally on the skin.

Make sure your cell phone is clean:

Tests indicate that the percentage of bacteria accumulating on a cell phone is more than that found on a toilet seat. These bacteria easily transfer to the skin of our hands and face, and therefore it is recommended that the cell phone be cleaned at least once a week with sterile wipes or a disinfectant preparation that removes it from the accumulated dirt on it.

Tie your hair while you sleep:

Impurities and bacteria on our hair are easily transferred to the pillow we sleep on and from there to our skin. The natural oils that coat the hair and the remnants of styling products are also transferred to the skin, causing it to clog its pores and cause pimples and stains. Therefore, it is recommended to tie the hair a soft tie during sleep to reduce the aggravation of these problems.

Provide your skin with extra moisture during the day:

When you feel during the day that your skin covered with makeup is tight and in need of moisturizing, use a mineral water spray that moisturizes the skin and restores its youthfulness and freshness.

Urban a steam bath at home:

It is very easy to prepare a steam bath for your skin at home. It is sufficient to wash your skin and then prepare a bowl of expensive water, provided that you bend your face over this bowl after covering your head with a towel for 10 minutes. The rising steam helps open the pores of the skin and cleanse it, then dry your skin and moisturize it directly with a day or night cream.

Apply the night cream as a mask to your skin.

The night is the time during which the skin renews itself, and the application of the night cream contributes to the activation of the mechanism of cellular regeneration. To get the best results, it is recommended to apply the night cream once a week with a thick layer on the skin as if it were a mask and leave it for as long as possible or use a special night mask that secures the skin's need of freshness.

Sleep on a silk pillow.

Replace the cotton pillow cover with a silk one, and you will notice that your skin will be fresher and less water-tight when you wake up. This will protect her from premature wrinkles as well.

Stick with lip balm.

The lip tinting reflects the brightness directly on the complexion. For this purpose, choose a moisturizing balm with a bright and refreshing color, and you will notice that your look has regained its freshness.

Make Vitamin C your ally:

Use skin care products containing Vitamin C, which has the effect of protecting the skin from sunlight and pollution. This vitamin boosts the production of collagen in the skin, which helps it to maintain its firmness. Do not forget to consume fruits and vegetables rich in this vitamin, most notably: lemon, strawberry, kiwi, tomato, and broccoli.

Use a massage to activate your products:

Massaging the face while applying the products to it is necessary to stimulate blood circulation and help the products penetrate deep into the skin. Massage your skin in circular motions from the bottom of the face towards the top, and from the middle towards the sides to help tighten the skin and give it the required glow.