The most important 5 things women look for in a man

 1- External appearance

D. Some people think that the substance is more important than the appearance, this is true to some extent, but how will there be an entrance to your essence if your external appearance does not convince it? This is why your interest in the haircut, the fragrance you use and the clothes you wear is very important, it is not necessary to buy expensive clothes, the important thing is that the clothes are consistent in color and the shoes are modern, and the haircut is suitable for your face.

2- How to talk

Try to be calm and sober, speak in a low voice, try to maintain your balance while speaking, smile from time to time, move away from negatives in talking, such as complaining about something, criticizing someone, or making fun of a situation, show that you are an independent person His thinking is different from others, he has confidence in himself, talk about what is beautiful in life, and how you love your work and those around you of friends, she will feel comfortable and confident with you.

3- Income and field of work

Money is not everything in this world, but it is an important thing for a woman, as it is what brings her financial security, so it is an important element that a woman searches for in a man to ensure that he will provide her with a decent life, a beautiful house, a car and other requirements of her, but if she notices that it is more material than necessary We advise you to stay away from it, because it will bankrupt you.

4- Strong personality

So she feels safe that she is in safe hands, and she will be able to defend her, and fight for her, and that her man has a strong personality and has a presence in front of others to show off to other women.

5- Romance

Now she has a young man with a wonderful appearance, and his words are beautiful, and he has an excellent job and a strong personality, what is lacking is romance, love and tenderness, and they are the most important things that a woman searches for in a man, to feel her femininity and that it is loved, sweet words that show love work miracles with women, And he makes her relate to the man more and more, and he is the one who preserves the woman's love for her man. Keep your kind words always with her, treat her with kindness and tenderness, buy her roses as much as you get the opportunity, it will surely please her.