The benefits of eating figs and olives

 The benefits of eating figs and olives 

Figs and olives are very important fruit trees in this life because of their many benefits and great benefits, and they are mentioned in the Koran and this is the biggest evidence that they have important therapeutic properties for human health, but the benefit lies only if a person eats figs with olives at the same time combined until the benefit is complete.

The benefits of eating figs and olives at the same time

  Eating figs with olives at the same time has scientific significance and meaning because the Constituent substances of these foods complement each other.

Methalonidosal contained in Figs has many benefits, including

1-energize the body and give it lasting energy and vitality

2. eating figs constantly reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood and increases the useful cholesterol in the body.

3-the fig fruit, which works to strengthen the heart and arteries and prevent from diseases unrelated to cardiovascular diseases and promote the process of metabolism in the body.

4-the substance methalonides contained in figs help to delay aging and its manifestations, because the production of this substance from the tip of the brain stops at the age of thirty-five and therefore the symptoms of aging begin to appear, but a person who eats figs constantly, the symptoms of aging will be delayed from early appearance.

Benefits of eating olives.

 Olive also knows a lot strengthens the heart and arteries and maintains its health by reducing the percentage of harmful cholesterol in the body and raise the useful cholesterol as olive also works on

Invigorating and strengthening immunity, because it contains antioxidants and vitamin E, which work regularly 

To combat the proliferation and destruction of cancer cells, especially breast cancer.

 I eat olive oil continuously and systematically improves the level of memory, because it contains polyphenols that reduce oxidation in the brain, it also works well to combat Alzheimer's, which affects brain cells.

 When a person eats olives, his stomach remains full and thus feels full and reduces the appetite of the person to eat, as olive helps to burn fat in the body by promoting the secretion of adiponectin.

 Olives contain several important minerals including iron, which plays an important role in fighting and treating anemia.

Benefits of figs.

1-figs soften the intestines and activate the functions of the intestine, reducing the incidence of constipation.

2. Remove puffiness

3-in winter and cold often catch a cold, eating figs may eliminate leaching and cold, it is useful to treat cough

4. soothing and soothing

5-calm the nerves

6. weight gain if taken with milk

7. strengthen bones.