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Steam face bath for fresh skin


Cleaning the skin is important and necessary from time to time to keep it fresh and sound, free from impurities and blackheads.

 One way to clean is to expose the face to a steam session

The lady usually means beauty centers to do it, but it can be done at home and with simple tools.


How to make a steam bath for the face at home

A steam bath for the face is one of the most important means of preserving the skin and cleaning its pores from dirt and oils naturally

 As it activates blood circulation and protects the skin from dark spots, it is recommended to prepare it at home once every two weeks.


Easy and simple steps:



Note :

The skin must be cleaned before the steam session

 Wash the face using the appropriate skin lotion to get rid of cosmetic residues and dust stuck in the pores of the skin

 Baby shampoo can be used as a good lotion if no other alternative is available.


Peeling skin

Skin should be exfoliated to get rid of dead skin with the help of a natural scrub

Like sugar with a little honey or sodium bicarbonate and a little water

 Shows one like on the skin for 5 minutes, then wash the face with lukewarm water.


Method of preparing a steam bath

- Explains approximately two liters of water in a deep pan and heat it until boiling, and then wrapped the bowl with a dry towel and set aside.


Adding natural oils:

- For those with oily skin, 5 drops of tea tree oil or mint oil can be added

 Or fresh or dry mint leaves, or lemon oil, lemon slices or fresh orange.


- For dry skin, 5 drops of Rose or chamomile oil, fresh rose leaves or dry or fresh chamomile herbs can be added.


- Normal skin, 5 drops of lavender or coconut oil can be added.


Method of steam exposure:

A dry towel is placed around the head so that most of the face is covered

 Then the face is exposed to steam from a distance of about 20 cm so that the Steam does not burn the skin.


- Repeat the procedure 5 times and for two minutes, then give the face a minute rest.


Skin hydration:

Moisturize the skin directly after a steam bath after being washed with cold water to close the pores

Or wipe the face with a cotton swab moistened with cold rose water, then a skin moisturizer or a little pure coconut oil is used.


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