Sesam for skin

 Sesame flour

Sesame tahina and has several names, including: rahash or Rashi or tahini, which is a sesame grain juicer, where the Sesame beans are cleaned and then roasted a little on the fire and then squeezed by a special machine so can squeeze the grains before roasting, used Sesame tahina in several dishes such as added to the salad or with chickpeas puree or can be mixed with

Sesame tahina is an important food for human health because it contains healthy nutrients, vitamins, proteins and dietary fiber, it is said that the Levant regions are the original home of sesame seeds, where it was discovered in the city of Nablus, Palestine.

Preparation of sesame tahini at home


The amount of a glass of Sesame alnee or toasted.

A glass of flour.

A cup of olive oil.

Method of preparation

Grind the amount of Sesame well by placing it in the electric blender of the spices.

Put the ground sesame in the chaf of a blender, add oil and flour to it and mix well until we have tahini.

Benefits of Sesame flour for face and skin

We got rid of the out whether that appears on the face or anywhere else by massaging the area with a cotton swab dipped Rye sesame fastened Ballas for two hours, and the process is repeated every day until recovery.

Oral gum infections are treated by rinsing with flour or rubbing the gums and leaving them for a while.

Treat facial dimples and reduce their spread, and may prevent their reappearance by fat Dimple with a little tahini with a clean cotton swab, and repeat it daily until the head of Dimple appears and out of it all the material collected in it without surgery.

Heals lip cracks by lip massage.

Clear, smooth and increase freshness and moisture by applying a tahini mask to the face for an hour three times a week.

Almond and throat infections are treated by gargling with them or drinking them especially before bedtime.

Tahini blend for face


Two tablespoons of tahini.

Spoon rose water.

Half a spoonful of ground bitter herb.

Method of preparation

Mix all the above ingredients with each other until we get a homogeneous mixture which will be similar to cream cheese.

We apply a mask of this cream on the face, it can be applied to other areas of the body and massage the face and leave it to dry.

Wash face or body with warm water without any type of soap with a good scrubbing to remove remnants of the mixture .