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Five steps to making your legs shiny


Unfortunately not all women are lucky to have beautifully shaped legs, but this does not mean that getting bright and attractive legs is difficult،

He needs to apply five simple steps offer you the following:


- Exercise your leg muscles in moderation, such as running and walking, but be careful not to build too much muscle

Because the appearance of the protruding muscles makes your legs look manly, so try to make your legs look just tight.


- Get a bronze tan skin, because getting a bronze color for the legs makes them look prettier, and this also makes the skin uniform.

- Shaving, and shaving should be done well enough for smooth skin so that you use a multi-blade razor

And you can use the electric machine and when using the razor you have to bathe first and then rub your legs well and then grease them with shaving balm and shave the hair carefully. And wet them immediately after you're done.،

Note: shaving is preferred once every few days.


- Free Wi-closet "Wax," Hair Removal Palo is the best way to get legs shiny and the results last longer than shaving because free photo snatch the hair from the follicles،

But you need to moisturize your legs well with a light massage after waxing, this makes them always soft.



- Moisturizing, there are many ways to moisturize your legs, all of which have different benefits, which are as follows:

Moisturizing cream: moisturize your legs daily with a light massage after bathing and shaving with creams containing cucumber and aloe, or with petroleum-based Vaseline

Which you should use for your whole body and legs especially once a week because it is a rich and effective moisturizer.


Baby oil: it is one of the best types of moisturizers are easily absorbed through the skin, and works to hydrate the body and prevent its luster.

Research has proven that frequent movement always gives you attractive legs

So always make sure you do walking, various other exercises and use more moisturizers.

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