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Day face care supplies


To get fresh skin full of vitality and radiance .. It is imperative to take proper care of it by applying an integrated daily special program, to help its shine and freshness and to preserve its uniform color and youth.

Know the steps necessary to protect the skin during the day:

Facial skin is exposed during the day to many harmful environmental factors, such as pollution, exposure to sunlight, smoking, and drugs, in addition to psychological pressures such as:

Anxiety, insomnia, and exhaustion, which require an integrated system to protect them.

1- Skin cleaning:

It is the first step to obtaining the skin free of impurities, by removing dust and dirt, in addition to some cosmetics and makeup.

It is a step that helps prepare the skin to absorb face care products, and the cleaning process is done by means of medicated facial soap, milk, or lotion.

2- Moisturizing Cream:

One of the most important factors helping to maintain young, soft and dewy skin in the face of sunlight and the heat that removes moisture from the skin and causes its drying.

3- Eye cream:

A preventive step to preserve the delicate area around the eyes, to prevent the appearance of dark circles and pockets, and to reduce the severity of folds and wrinkles.

4- Nourishing Day Cream:

Helps nourish the skin and protect it from sunlight and pollution, in addition to removing dead cells from its surface or giving it a smooth, radiant look devoid of shine.

5- Sunblock:

One of the most important lotions that should be used during the day, with a special formula, it envelops the skin and protects it from harmful sun rays and ultraviolet (UVA) rays that cause premature aging and cell damage.

It is preferred to be used throughout the seasons of the year.

In addition to this integrated daily program, there are many preparations and steps that can be resorted to, such as:

1- Peeling:

It is recommended to use it once a week, to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and prepare it to absorb nutrients and moisturizer.

2- Catcher:

That revitalizes tired, lacking skin.

It cleans, strengthens it, renews its cells, and gives it oxygen.

3- Anti-rides and morning creams that are resistant to oxidation, pollution and dust.

In addition to some preparations that are used according to the seasons, such as:

(Citrus fruits (Acide de Fruits), which are recommended to be used in autumn and winter to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, and to moisturize it in spring and summer.


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