Cracked feet treatment is the top 5 excellent home solutions


Tips to treat cracked feet before summer

Many women suffer from cracked feet as a result of exposing the skin of the feet to different temperatures while wearing shoes or after taking them off, and standing for a long time while preparing meals in the kitchen causes these cracks to appear.

And to get wet feet and free from the problem of annoying cracks before the summer, follow the advice that your life magazine gives you in this article to treat cracked feet.


The skin on the cracked foot lacks the necessary moisture from time to time, so use natural ingredients such as olive oil or skin care products to massage the cracked area daily before bed to get rid of the annoying cracks quickly.


You have to drink a large amount of water daily to get fresh skin, as water helps to get rid of dryness that leads to the appearance of cracks and also works to purify the skin from toxins that cause cracking.


Cracks result from the skin not obtaining the nutrition it needs from natural elements, and for this it is recommended to eat fresh vegetables and fruits to nourish the skin with the elements it needs to keep its beauty and moisture.

Comfortable shoes

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes all the time and avoid those tight and sweaty feet to avoid cracked feet, as sweaty feet increase the risk of fungi forming on the skin of the foot, which works on cracking.


Clean your feet well with special skin care products so that you can get rid of the fungi and bacteria that cause annoying cracks.


Make sure to exfoliate the skin of your feet from time to time to get rid of dead and accumulated skin cells, and this is to cause these cells to roughen the skin of the feet, use natural mixtures to implement this command to notice your skin's rapid response to become smoother.

Natural blends

Use some natural mixtures that help get rid of cracked feet easily, such as the lemon mixture.

the ingredients:

·         Lemon juice

A spoonful of milk

Honey spoon

· A tablespoon of olive oil

How to prepare:

Wash your feet with warm water before using the mixture.

Massage the affected area of ​​the skin of the feet with lemon juice in light, circular motions.

Then mix the rest of the ingredients in a suitable bowl.

Start by massaging the affected area with the mixture, using some circular motions.

Hold the massage for 5 minutes, then wash your feet with cold water.