Benefits of white clay for the skin

 Mud is considered one of the most used means in cosmetic recipes and this for its amazing health and aesthetic benefits we mention to you exclusively on the economic regim first Arab in the world of fitness health and beauty through an article that includes the benefits of white clay for the skin.

White clay or what is known as white clay, which is the latest skin care products where it enters into the preparation of many masks to treat many skin problems, where white clay is useful in cleaning and nourishing the skin and get clear white skin free of impurities and defects, as white clay is known for its effectiveness in tightening sagging, fight toxins, which helps in activating blood circulation and

Using clay in skin care for centuries long, where the famed queen of the Pharaonic Cleopatra using it in care of all her post, and there are several types of clay such as white clay, mud green, mud yellow, and each of them uses what which differ due to the different composition of the Salt constituent .

Benefits of white clay for body and skin :

- Egg clay is a whitening, nourishing and cleanser for the skin, where it works to release toxins from the cells thanks to its constituent mineral salts, which also serve to nourish it and treat pigmentation and skin spots .

– White clay helps tighten pores and fight wrinkles .

– Treats acne .

- Strengthens hair and gives it shine and shine .

- Bleach for yellowing of teeth .

- Stimulant of blood circulation due to the containment of kaolin.

– Regenerates cells so it enters into the manufacture of skin exfoliators and many skin care products .

– White clay is rich in important minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and Silicon .

- Useful for dry and sensitive skin being a moisturizer for the skin due to its retention of moisture and water, which promotes the treatment of inflammation and irritation of the skin, so prefer to use white clay than green clay .

Snow white mask for all skin types :

Ingredients :

– Two tablespoons of white clay .

– Two tablespoons of liquid milk .

– A spoonful of rose water .

Method :

Mix all the ingredients until we get a soft and homogeneous white paste distributed on the face slowly and in a circular way, then leave for an hour then rinse the face with warm water and repeat the mask once a week .

Mask for the freshness of the Color Blush :

Ingredients :

– Three tablespoons of white clay .

– Three tablespoons of pomegranate peel .

– Two tablespoons of milk .

Method :

Grind the pomegranate peel in an electric blender, then add to the clay and milk until we get a cohesive paste, spread on the face and leave for about an hour, then rinse the face with lukewarm water and repeat weekly to get a fresh skin and pink colored cheeks .

Clay mask for cleaning the skin :

Ingredients :

– Two tablespoons of white clay .

– Two tablespoons of starch .

– Two tablespoons of ground rice ;

- A small yogurt can .

– Two tablespoons of honey .

Method :

Mix the dry ingredients in the yogurt and add the honey and stir to mix the ingredients and get a soft paste that can be distributed on the face, then leave a quarter of an hour until the ingredients dry and rinse the face with warm water, this mask is useful in deep cleaning of the pores of the face and skin as

Clay mask for firming and lightening the skin :

Ingredients :

– Half a banana .

– Two tablespoons of white clay .

Method :

Mash the banana with a fork well then add the white clay and mix together, distribute the mask on the face and leave a quarter of an hour then wash with warm water, then close the pores using ice cubes, preferably use the mask after bathing for better results.