Benefits of walnuts and honey


Walnut and honey

Honey has been known since ancient times for its nutritional and therapeutic properties that bring the best results on health, and it avoids visiting doctors and taking medicines, because it contains calcium, iron, vitamins, and minerals, as for the heart nut (walnut), it is a type of nuts that are widespread and beneficial to the health of the body Because it contains vitamins; Vitamin (A, B, B6, B12, C, and D) in addition to being rich in nutrients; Such as: calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, mineral salts, saturated fats, starch, a percentage of protein, sugar, water, and fiber, and to enhance the health benefits of each, nutritionists have indicated that mixing honey with heart nuts, and we will learn about their benefits in this article .

Benefits of walnuts and honey

It is considered a safe and natural treatment and an alternative to medicines, as the medicines contain chemical industrial compounds that lead to side effects, and the mixture of honey with nuts helps to treat diseases that afflict the blood and protect them, and to prepare it, half a kilogram of honey is mixed with an equal amount of walnuts and lemon juice And mix them well, and eat a teaspoon of the mixture three times a day.

Treat headache, insomnia.

Treating blood pressure by consuming a hundred grams of this mixture.

An effective treatment for stomach ulcers, mix twenty grams of finely ground walnuts with water, then filter it to become like milk, then add two tablespoons of honey to it, and take the mixture thirty minutes before eating.

benifits of Honey

Increase body energy for all ages, as it is used as a sweetener to substitute for sugar, and the body replaces the sugar it consumes when a person makes physical and mental effort, and is considered a treatment for thinness.

Get rid of fungi, microbes, germs and viruses, and treat poisoning and infections; To secrete substances that cleanse the body and interact with its cells.

Reducing the level of lipids in the blood, as well as the level of cholesterol in the body, thus preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing heart disease and preventing obesity.

Treating indigestion problems, gastrointestinal diseases, and intestinal infections; Because it does not ferment in the stomach and is easily digested quickly.

Maintaining the integrity of the gums and teeth, as it helps their growth and prevents decay.

Reducing the proliferation of cancer cells and preventing them, because it contains rare vitamins and antioxidants, which are only found in honey.

Safe and effective cough treatment for children, as it relieves infections in the throat, and removes phlegm.

Benefits of nut heart

Improving and strengthening memory, because it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Prevention of depression.

Strengthen nails and hair, increase their length, and prevent their loss.

Prevention of prostate and breast cancer, and slowing the growth of cancerous tumors.

Increase the health of the skin, as it moisturizes the skin and relieves its dryness.