Benefits of charcoal mask for skin


Charcoal has many properties that make it beneficial to the skin, and it is worth noting that the charcoal used for skin care is not the one we use in the barbecue, since the charcoal for skin care is what is known as activated charcoal. 

What is activated charcoal?

It is a fine black powder that is odorless and tasteless, it is prepared by burning a source of carbon such as wood or coconut husks, where the heat removes all oxygen and activates the coal with gas, increasing its ability to absorb, and activated charcoal is nothing new, it has been used for years as a treatment for accidental poisoning and overdoses, because

Due to its high absorbency, active charcoal has been used on the skin to absorb and attract bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, oils and other fine particles to the surface of the skin, where it is absorbed and carried away from the skin and removed by removing coal from the skin.

Components of the coal mask

The charcoal mask consists mainly of:

Adhesive or PVA glue (some dermatologists reserve the use of glue on the skin)

Active charcoal available as capsules or powder in pharmacies.

It is possible to add other materials to increase the effectiveness of the mask in skin care such as coconut oil, honey and aloe vera and tea tree oil.

Steps to use charcoal mask

Wash and dry face with towel

Spread the mask on the skin, avoiding applying it to the mouth and to the skin around the eyes.

Leave the mask for ten minutes (duration depends on the type of mask and its components) and then remove it, wash the face with warm water and dry it.

Benefits of charcoal mask

The charcoal mask has many benefits for the skin, including:

Deep cleaning

Active charcoal is highly absorbent and contains no chemicals added to it, making it suitable even for sometimes sensitive skin

So combining fine charcoal powder with skin cleanser will increase its effectiveness in cleaning the skin by attracting dirt to the surface of the skin and removing it

Blackhead removal

Especially the stubborn ones, where the active coal the optimal solution, especially if it is combined with honey and water

This method may leave some traces of coal in the pores that appear as black dots and can be removed by rubbing with a warm cloth

Balancing oily skin

The carbon in activated charcoal balances skin fat.

Note that excessive use may lead to dry skin.

Gentle exfoliation of the skin

Helps remove bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells from the face, while its antimicrobial properties may help to prevent skin infections. Making the skin bright.

Purify the skin

Activated charcoal can absorb 100 to 200 times its weight, making it a suitable option for pure and clear skin.

Getting rid of acne

A channel Coal Black ways high efficiency for the people who follow the treatment of acne and skin imperfections, but it does not sing on the follow therapy, and the use of the channel and combined treatment is important to obtain satisfactory result, where the channel black coal capacity to remove marks, dark scars, acne old.

Healing wounds

Activated charcoal can help heal damaged skin and wounds by pulling out toxins and fluids that impair the healing process.

Other benefits

Reduce the size of pores in the face.

Resist signs of aging and skin changes caused by aging.

Negative effects of coal mask

Common negative effects of using an active charcoal mask on the skin include:

Irritation and redness of the skin after removing the mask to black coal.

Feeling pain when removing it.

Chapped skin and causing some superficial wounds.

Damage to some skin types in the long run.

Inflammation of the skin.