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Benefits of black seed for health


Benefits of the black seed for health, slimming and skin

The benefits of black seed or nigella are multiple,

This bean is known by different names, including Nigella sativa, or Nigella sativa, which is a type of plant that falls under the buttercup family, and its original home is the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, the Maghreb, India, and Pakistan, and the black bean moved to be cultivated in The different regions of Asia and the Mediterranean regions .. To learn about the most important health benefits, the benefits of the black seed for slimming and beauty, and how to use it as follows:

* The black seed contains volatile oils that reduce arterial blood pressure and help treat asthma.

* Black seed has a great role in treating gout, as it increases uric acid excretion in the urine, and this acid is what causes gout.

* It works to eliminate infectious fungi and germs, and among those germs are salmonella, typhi, the digestive tract, and various intestinal worms.

* The volatile oils that they contain work to eliminate intestinal spasms, and help to relax and relax muscles, and reduce blood sugar.

* It works to control body temperature, and treat infections, especially those infections that are associated with acne.

* Black seed is useful in treating cancerous diseases, as it neutralizes the growth of cancer cells because it contains a large percentage of antioxidants.

* It works to protect brain tissues from damage caused by rays from cell phones, tablets, and various electronics, because they contain thymoquinone.

* Black seed works to heal wounds and helps to treat scars.

* It works to reduce psoriasis, and works to reduce skin infections.

* It works to protect nerve cells from Parkinson's disease, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Black seed works to treat epilepsy and convulsions in children.

* Protects against the risk of heart attacks and blood clots.

* It works on diuresis, as it treats kidney stones and bladder stones.

* Treat headaches, especially migraines, as mixing between a tablespoon of ground black bean, ground anise, and half a tablespoon of cloves, and the mixture is taken daily with honey, or the mixture is mixed with black seed oil and head fat.

Benefits of black seed for slimming, hair and beauty

* Black seed contributes to slimming and eliminating obesity because it contains antioxidants and contributes to diuresis.

* It works to give the skin more freshness and vitality, and get rid of pigmentation caused by sunlight, by mixing a tablespoon of ground black seed and olive oil, and the skin is applied with it.

* Helps treat acne, by mixing ground black seed, sesame oil, and flour together to obtain a creamy texture, and apply it to the skin.

* It works to enhance the density of hair, by mixing each of the Nigella sativa, watercress juice, with a teaspoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil, and the scalp is massaged with it right before bedtime, and washed in the morning with warm water, and repeat that several times.

How to use black seed

There are several ways to eat black seed, including chewing 5 to 7 pills inside the mouth to obtain the benefits of volatile oils in them, or eating black seed oil, or mixing it with honey, but it should not be over-consumed to avoid its side effects, and it is prohibited to use chronic diseases Her without consulting a doctor.


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